Specializing in pho, rice and vermicelli dishes. Group/outdoor seating available. Take out/catering. Kids welcome!

Family restaurant that offers Vietnamese food catering. Try the Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches and the Spaghetti Basil!

pho ba co inside

I’ve been coming here for years, and I think this is the tastiest pho in the area. My favorite thing about Pho Ba Co is the pickled raw onions. I always ask for extra and it comes on a separate plate in a generous pile. The extra sourness from the onions compliments the broth perfectly. I like that you have the options between a regular size and a large size (both of which are smaller than Little Saigon’s regular and large, but the regular is perfect for me). The noodles are also slightly more al dente than other places.

There aren’t a lot of great pho places in Irvine if I’m being honest; I’m usually willing to drive 20 minutes to Little Saigon for pho instead. But if you must eat in Irvine for pho, this is your place!


My favorite pho place in Irvine! Awesome prices and even better entrees. The pho, vermicelli and rice all taste good to me. A go-to place for both the weekday and weekend outing with family.


Stopped in due to my 2 week long craving of pho. It had really good reviews and was close by. The restaurant is located near plenty of little shops and other businesses. Very easy to find and even though it looks small on the outside it’s a very good size for singles, couples, or groups. Incredibly fast and friendly service. I was able to sit down, get my drink, order, and get my food in less than 10 mins. What service. I bought the rare steak option and their broth is a very clean and fresh tasting broth. Everything was wonderful. Very filling and delicious. There’s also outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful California weather. All together my meal was $10.24. Great deal!   I’m very happy I stopped in. I was even able to get my nails done at City Nails next door once I was done. I have a review of them also. I will be back pho-so


Went here for dinner and the parking area was small and packed. Easy location to find and the restaurant is modern for a pho restaurant located in Irvine. Customer service was great, there were many tables available, and the food came out extraordinarily fast. Ordered the pho Thai regular. Nice interior for a pho restaurant.


Oh you tasty bowl of goodness.
Why does my heart seek you out so much?

I came here for a Friday lunch & didn’t beat the lunch rush. The major cross streets for this location is Barranca and Culver. Located in a tiny & yes although the complex is long, the front parking spaces are tight.

I signed my name seeing as there was a line and was pleasantly surprised as I was ushered in right away. The restaurant is LOUD. I mean, there were people everywhere and servers running around galore.

I placed my order, regular rare beef pho with tendon & meatballs, and an order of spring rolls.

The food came out remarkably fast for how busy they were. I’ve come to this location many times and I’ve always been happy with my food. This time, the broth was bland and my rare beef? It was well done brisket.
I usually order the egg rolls and have always loved them immensely but I wanted to try something new.
The spring rolls came out in a beautiful presentation but I was sorely disappointed with them as well. They were extremely “fishy” and did not sit well with me. Needless to say, I didn’t finish them.

1. I love this place and have been coming to it religiously.
2. Come when they’re not super rushed and the food & service will be much better.
3. If you want a quiet lunch, this place is not for you. It gets loud and you’ll pretty much have to yell at your companions.
4. Park further away. Princess parking is a treasured thing but this place will make you loose your mind when trying to find good parking.


Always consistently get a great tasting bowl of well done brisket Pho in Irvine!!! Love the specialty Mi noodles as well. Thank you for keeping the quality of your food high above your competition.


My favorite place for Pho, that we have found in the Irvine area. I have heard there are better options out there in the area– but, c’mon… I need names and locations, people! Until that can be provided– Pho Ba Co is our place to go. With that being said, we have not had a single bad experience at Pho Ba Co. The staff is friendly and the food is great! Despite how busy the place can get with guests, the turnaround of ordering food and receiving it is always very quick. I really like that they give you a lot of vegetables and herbs to utilize however you want. If you need more, simply ask and the staff has been polite and generous in meeting any request. This has been a huge plus for me as i prefer a lot of veggies in my Pho and have had the experience of other establishments not giving you anything to work with and/or just giving attitude when I have tried to request…
The portions themselves can be quite large. I have yet to finish an entire bowl by myself. The specialty drinks are a lot of fun. I always tell myself I will get one to take home after we eat, but most often I find myself too full to do so. But, like the food, the specialty drinks I have tried have been delicious!
My only complaint is that his place CLOSES TOO EARLY! Quite often, when it comes to going out to eat, we do not do so until about 9pm. With that, this place is closed by the time we can enjoy it. Longer hours would make this a full-on treasure!


The pho here is probably the best you can get in Irvine but TBH it is super expensive. I’ve been coming here since like 6 or 7 years ago and the prices always slowly go up. I remember it being 7 bucks before but now it is almost 9.

Egg rolls are always good – pretty standard in my opinion.

Spring rolls are not that great, I would pass on these next time

Pho Bo Vien (meatballs) is not good. Please just get the well done brisket here. Broth and everything is good!!!


Probably the only Pho place that I actually really like in Irvine. It is located in a small plaza past Islands on Barranca and Culver. Parking is a good size for all the shops and other restaurants but can get a little busy at certain times.

I always get a Regular Well-done Brisket and Rare Stake Pho because those two proteins are my favorite. Sometimes if I am extra hungry I’ll get the egg rolls that come with lettuce leaves and fish sauce. The place is pretty clean and nicely decorated. The service is nice and fast. Just make sure to bring something warm because it is pretty chilly in there.


If you can’t make it to Little Saigon, this is probably your safest bet for Vietnamese food in Irvine. The food here is a little above mediocre, but it does have its merits. The savory peanut sauce perfectly match the smooth texture of the spring rolls. Pho bowls are reasonably portioned and tasty, but broth does not seem like it is made from beef stock. Atmosphere is casual and service is friendly and prompt. Recommended if you can’t leave the Irvine area.


We live in the area and this is our regular go-to Pho spot. We have never dined in, as we always do take out.

Based on the takeout, process is always seamless and quick. We call in our order and it’s ready by the time we arrive (typically ten minutes or less). The orders have always been complete and accurate.

I always order the steamed shrimp Pho (I believe it’s #24). The shrimp is always (un)cooked and separated from the broth so by the time I add the broth to the shrimp they are perfectly cooked. I also love the amount of fixings you get on the side: thai basil, bean sprouts, cilantro, lime, hoisin and sriracha.


Ben coming here for 15 years now.  I don’t really love Vietnamese food to be frank.  But these guys always change my mind each time.  I bring my in-laws here to eat their combo vegetable and meat wraps.  Always ask for extra lettuce.

It’s so refreshing, so filling and yet it doesn’t leave you so bloated or feeling heavy in your stomach.

Great food, super friendly service from this very nice restaurant.

The pho soup, the meats served over rice noodles and the egg noodles soups are all excellent, served hot and with fresh ingredients, especially the basil, sprouts and other fresh veggies.

The people here really work super hard and keep the place running. They are always very friendly and willing to provide whatever you need to make your meal great.